Monday, May 21, 2012

Some small news...

I recently was inspired to paint more rocks, by this blog, (her work is truly amazing) and Saturday I was spending the day with my sister at a house she was watching and we went to the Klutina river and took a hike at a BEAUTIFUL spot. I will definitively go there again! It is the very place for a photo shoot. I took the opportunity to get some nice smooth painting rocks while there, (I really had to restrain myself from not taking ALL the rocks on the shore and filling Hannah's car trunk up) it was great, I just love looking for rocks to paint, sometimes it can get very hard to tear my eyes of the ground.

 Other news....

I never did win first, second, or third place, or even honorable mention in both of the contests that I had entered a while ago.

I still have that Caribou painting to do, I'm hoping to start it soon, and the bear was a silly idea, scratch that.

I don't know how busy I will get or how often I will be able to work in my studio but I am going to train for a job soon. So, that's going to keep me busy. 


This spring has been very slow, but today was the first day of 60 degrees! I'm so excited for summer. I'm sure everyone is. Who wouldn't be?

~Elizabeth Joy


  1. I'm praying that your job training will go well! And also your art projects ;)
    I really like your paintings.

  2. Thank you Miwaza! Prayer would much appreciated. It makes me very happy to hear people say they like my work! :D I miss you. So much.

  3. Thank you for the mention, and the kind words! I look forward to seeing your rocks; your previous ones are amazing. I can totally relate to wanting to fill the trunk up with rocks, and not being able to tear my eyes off the ground. Once I started painting rocks, I could never look at rocks the same way again. It was all, oo! That could be a [insert random animal here]!
    Also, good luck with your job training!

    1. Thank you Teegan!I was very excited to receive your comment. :)