Friday, July 26, 2013

More Productions

Magnet gold pans and an ADORABLE painted rock. 

Meet Cuteness - a Caribou calf. I'm very attached to Cuteness. I carry him around in my pocket. I pet him and speak to him. I will cry when he goes to a new home.

God Bless,

~Elizabeth Joy

Friday, July 19, 2013

Recent productions

Painting on Boydstone again. This time with acrylic. 
These little things only took me about 15 min. each. They're fun to do.

Penguin rock.

Magnet gold pans

Mousy rock.



I freaked my mom out today with it...Heh. Sorry mummy. :-)

~Elizabeth Joy

Local art gallery

Hi peoples! If you remember in my last post I mentioned I'd tell you about my new job. Normally I wouldn't bother to tell you about my employment (since this blog is centered on my artwork) but in this case it's closely related to my artistic endeavors. So here it is.

I still have my previous job working part-time as a rural mail carrier. This other job I just picked up is part-time as well; its something I can easily fit into my week. Its a co-op of sorts, and I'm the third partner in the endeavor. There is four of us local artists involved and we have gotten together and started a small local art gallery/gift shop in Glennallen. Each individual (or couple) supplies the shop with his/her own handcrafted work to the Cabin (as we like to call it). There is one couple who makes things made out of antler - coat hangers, racks, dresser handles, key fobs, ect, Then there's another couple who makes jewelry and belt buckles with the most AMAZING animal etchings on Boydstone (I touched on Boydstone in my last post).

Boydstone neckalace

 I have a necklace from them with a standing bear on the Boydstone that hangs from it (shown above). It's super cool. I love it. They also make some really cool wall hangings. Then we've got a very talented lady who sews a lot of different stuff to mantle pieces, to bags, and to baby carrier covers. She also paints and has a lot of her paintings hanging on the walls of the cabin, and makes the coolest alcohol ink paintings on tile. Then there's me. I have diamond willow staffs in there, some of my last painted light-switch covers, painted magnet gold pans, and painted animal rocks. Presently I'm looking into greeting cards and t-shirts with my artwork on them (Alaskan cartoons on the t-shirts). We made one greeting card with my chickadee watercolor (posted the watercolor here) and it turned out so beautiful. So I dusted off our PH printer (we never use anymore because of the cost of the cartridges - or so I thought) and today tried it was quite unsuccessful..something, I found was terribly wrong with the printer (may be the reason why it wasn't being used :-p). Moving on to t-shirts - I found a suitable custom designing t-shirt site online but came upon some problemos, so that will be delayed.

The shop is open Mon-Sat 9am-6pm. I work Tuesdays and Wednesdays. I've been given Thursday to utilize my time to produce stuff for the shop.
When things are slow going (it usually is when I'm working for some reason) I try to do some painting. It's hard, and I'm still trying to get accustomed to the different atmosphere. I just finished my most recent project: painting part of the sign for the roof of the cabin - fireweed and for-get-me-not flowers shown below.

I started this painting my first day there. 

God bless, and ya'll have a good weekend!

~Elizabeth Joy 

Monday, July 1, 2013

Oil painting on Boydstone

Something new I tried last week. Boydstone isn't anything you go mining for--its a man-made material created by Mr. Boyd an acquaintance of mine. I currently work with Mr. Boyd and his wife running a local art gift shop in Glennallen. These little paintings you see were just practice. But we may just turned them into something yet--pendents or key-fobs or something of the sort.

Things are getting piled up for posting. I have several Mother's Day paintings to post, the other calender cover, and my new job to tell you about. :-)  Oh yeah, and I've had several commissions over the week which I haven't started yet. 

Have a great summer and enjoy the heat! Especially you Alaskans. ;-)

~Elizabeth Joy