Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Chickadees in watercolor and the latest news from the studio

I was given a commission to paint the front and back covers of a 5x7 calender. This is what I came up with for the front.

I'll post the back cover when its done.

On the Viking painting:
I was rushing madly to finished the painting in time to send it off to an art festival, but saddly didn't succeed in doing so. So, I gave it some "time out" and it still is having some "time out", as it was beginning to give me a headache and wasn't taking shape so I had to stop for a while. I think I need a different strategy...
 I often find myself standing over the painting staring at it until my eyes hurt and pondering it until my head hurts. I do mean to sit myself down sometime soon-ish and finish it, hoping when I do that it will just come to me; and not give me any long, arduous pain-staking hours. We will see. It wont always come so easily. In fact, it usually never does...but I like to think I improve through each painting battle; that someday, I will have it all down. The paintings that are hardest for me are the ones from my head; its MUCH easier to paint something your looking at, like a picture for instance. But the things from my head are the things I REALLY want to paint! 


Mothers Day is coming up! I think I already have a project planned. ;-)


For some time I've wanted to start ordering prints of my paintings and sell the prints, possibly on ebay or some other place. The Chickadees in watercolor I think will be a good start :-) 

~Elizabeth Joy   

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