Friday, February 15, 2013

Our wet and last soccer game to end summer.

We've had some pretty amazing soccer games over the years, but this one is definitely in the category of the very best.  

     It was on a Sunday in September that this fabulous event took place. Sunday morning weather proved to be sunny and warm; I thought it would be a perfect day to end our soccer season. I knew we had to play our last one soon before winter, so while we were on our way I contacted some people and told them to bring a soccer ball.  Unbeknownst to me it had been raining the whole week! But that didn't hinder us from playing; we decided to anyway. So after service a small group of us, or smaller, (we were missing three or four regulars) got to the field. I must say we weren't quite expecting it to be so wet. There was a layer of water over the grass, and deep puddles which made for some unexpected dunking. 

But that was only the beginning.

     As we surveyed the field we began to feel excitement surge through us. We knew this game was going to be great; the water only adding too its greatness. We started off. Some of us chose to kick of their shoes, trying to preserve some articles of dry clothing (but soon gave up on that idea), while others preferred to remain in their squishy waterlogged shoes, which they acquired immediately after setting foot on the field. We slipped, collided, flew, and swam in the grass and water for a good two or three hours. Then the fog came, obscuring everything, including the players across the field; nevertheless, running around in the fog was glorious. Then we played a game of Ultimate Frisbee, then we ran screaming and yelling into a huge lengthy puddle that ended up to be very stinky and unpleasant (as if we weren't already wet enough?), then we indulging ourselves on Kenny's chocolate-chip cookie doe, said our goodbyes to these great-people-were-so-blessed-to-know, and started on our journey home (still in our wet and smelly clothes). Thus, ended our epic day.

Just another wonderful memory made. :)

I love you guys.

~Elizabeth Joy

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