Monday, October 13, 2014

This And That

 Pray For Ukraine -
I had the opportunity to create this sketch of Ukraine's coat of arms and flag in the effort to raise awareness for the unrest happening there.

Pipe Tamper -
This is a pipe tamper I handcrafted for someone. I made it out of diamond willow with my pocket knife, sanded it and wood burned his initials onto it. Then I gave it a few rubs in olive oil.
Plane Print -
I've been selling prints of this plane painting recently. This one is a print that I framed and gave to my newly-wed sister and her husband as a wedding gift.

I'm currently working on another painting - which has been a nice break from the last painting I did - its turning out well and pretty stress free. I'm filming the whole process in hopes that I can make it into a video with the speed enhanced. That way you can see me crank out a 20-30 hour painting in (hopefully) 10 min. I'm supper excited to share it with you all.
God bless,
-Elizabeth Joy

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