Saturday, September 3, 2011

Don't give up.

I often look at my painting desk in my little corner...dreading the task to sit down and pick up my paint brush. I love painting, don 't get me wrong. But once I stop, just for a day, the task to pick it up again seems so hard. I guess you can call it pure laziness (as much as I hate to admit it). It takes weeks...months even, to gather up enough courage to face my neglected desk and paint brushes. They can be intimidating let me tell you.
Right now I have a cat rock that needs to be finished, or begun...I haven't quite started it. :-/
There is a craft fair in November and December that I need to get ready for. I like to be prepared, though often I end up preparing for it a week before. Ask me why I like to be prepared??
I have a pile of rocks and some wooden boxes to paint, light-switch plates to find screws for, paint over, and wooden ones to sand.

Today my twin sister and I were helping my dad with measuring tape, string, stakes, and geometry (okay, not so much the geometry). We were helping prepare the foundation for a cabin that were planning to build on our land. He was telling us how much he loved writing, and all he wanted to do was be a writer. He reminded us about the importance to keep pursuing the talents God gives us, and to use those gifts to glorify and honor Him. He told us that most of what he does is to give us children the opportunities that he never had. That really struck me and made me so grateful for all that God has given me. Especially for my dad. It amazes me at how many people I've heard say, "Keep doing it. Don't ever give it up."
Well, I'm here to say that, I'm not going to give up, I'm not going to stop doing what I was gifted to do...I'm going right now to face my desk and those haunting paint brushes......on Monday.

-Elizabeth Joy

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  1. Liz, I love your artwork! Someday when you are famous I'll proudly and fondly be able to say " Thats my friend" ! Keep up the good work! I liked taking a walk with you earlier and talking. :) And I henpeck this as you paint one of your cute rock creations! :) xoxoxo!