Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fall and what it brings

The leaves are golden and crisp, the tundra has turned a crimson red, and the peaks of the Chugiak range are white with snow...
...God's beautiful creation. God is so good to give us such beauty. I think fall is the most beautiful and inspiring season of the year. I love it.... hand is itching to paint it.    

My life of late consist of:

School (of course), art class (more on that later), digging holes and constructing buildings; experimenting and making cheeses and other products with whole goat milk which we are blessed to have from our two goats. 
Speaking of goats...milking in the moonlight with owls hooting and coyotes barking is plain spooky at times...but it can turn from spooky to spectacular in minutes. I was blessed to see a show of the Northern Lights while I was milking! Sparkling stars + Northern Lights + a  full moon + wild noises that seem to echo all around you = You run around the yard ecstatic with joy and awe, milk pale in hand, and milk sloshed in your boot, no more afraid of the creatures of the night.

Along with all of that, what fall normally brings here in Alaska; hunting and harvesting.


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  1. Yes, milking the goats in the moonlight with all those sounds all around you, far away and close by certainly can be scary. But, really, I just love it!