Thursday, November 10, 2011

A time for everything

Its winter now, the snow is deep, the snow machines are out, and summer is just a faded memory in my mind.
Projects unfinished have been set aside, waiting for summer to break forth its bright, warm, rays. Other projects, that were previously tucked in a dark and neglected corner  awaiting for dark, dreary winter, have now commenced.

I never did start my caribou painting...I decided that putting the bear in the painting with the caribou was a silly idea. Scratch that.

The model ship I was working on was put aside. I probably wont pick it up again until summer.

 Art class has been canceled for two weeks. Meanwhile at home I finished one of my oil paintings from class. I'll post it sometime. :-)

Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming! Which means lots of fun painting creations, and craft shows.

~Elizabeth Joy

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