Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas is almost here...

...and art class is over (sniff). Mr. Bates (our teacher) is starting another one in spring. I would like to go again...we'll see.

     I finished my last painting last night, just in time. Sarah was working on her last one until 3:30p.m right before the art display! It started at 4:00 and is being held at the colleges library today through Thursday. There was a guy there, who we kinda know who's an artist too, also a game guide and professional hunter. He carves really cool realistic wild animals on belt buckles and antler pieces and bone and stuff. Anyways, I was telling him that I really like bears, painting and sketching them, and that I wanted to do a charging grizzly or something of the sort. He got all wide -eyed and said that if he saw it he'd probably shoot at it. I thought that a little funny...and strange. Why would someone shoot at a painting of a charging griz? Well, it turns out that he had been charged, numerous times, by grizzly, and had been attacked (he showed us the scars on his arms) by one, and saved himself by reaching his arms into the bears mouth, grabbing its tongue and choking it to death. Now THAT...would scar me enough to have the jitters anyone mentioned charging grizzlies!
     He and his wife are a very nice couple and he is very knowledgeable and experienced, and gives us some really good idea's and pointers. He commissioned Sarah to paint a portrait of his hunting dog. :-).

Tis' the season! And so everybody I wish you a very merry and Jolly Christmas and new year!! May it be filled with blessings. :-)

~Elizabeth Joy    

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