Tuesday, December 18, 2012

P-51 B Mustang WW II plane painting

Gracia came to me one day and told me that I needed  to paint her a WW II plane (said in a very matter of fact way). So I did. It was meant for her birthday and I could have finished in time too, but I wasn't satisfied with the results. I ended up destroying my clouds in an attempt to make it even better. :P After that I lost my inspiration for a while and set the paint brush down for a couple of days to let my frustration die down a bit. It was a struggle when I picked it up again, but I was determined. After many, many cloud over, over-kill. I finally fixed it up enough to turn my attention to the plane. No trouble there. It was like slicing cake. I was delightfully surprised at how much easier it was to paint an object verses a landscape.Truly amazing. I'm glad it didn't give me a headache too. I'm still not quite satisfied with the clouds, but I'll have to be content. Its time to move on.

Photos by Rachel

One down, three more to go. Or is that four? ;)

Have a blessed week. :)

~Elizabeth Joy


  1. Wow! Wonderful, Liz. I have to show this to the boys. They happen to be building a model aircraft right now. They're going to be impressed. ~Anna

  2. Thank you Anna! Thank you Miwaza! :)