Saturday, January 4, 2014

Ending 2013

I say goodbye to 2013 and thank the good Lord for it and all its amazingness, and say hello to 2014 and look to this new year with great anticipation. I know its going to be a year of  greatness, challenges, lots of learning, lots of growing. When I think of 2014, I take a deep breath, and feel a rush of excitement. I feel both dread for the things I will have to face, and the thrill of adventure, and a sense of great expectation for the unknown.
Its been quite a while since I last posted. Many art achievements are overdue. 
People, life is crazy. Its wonderfully and then difficultly so. I'm sitting her right now, feeling worn out from the busyness of the past two months. Its another Saturday. A Saturday where hardly nothing is going on, where we are home resting with family instead of rushing off to have a full weekend of explosive fun and fellowship with our favorite people. If I had the choice to do it over again I would - just saying. :-) 

Christmas and New Years was amazing. 
I love my family to death. 
I'm surrounded by incredible people. 
My life would be a mess without them. 
Life is not the same living away from my twin sister. 
God is awesome. 
The end. 

This, people, was a great way to end the already great year of 2013 - painting my first mural. 
I volunteered to do this for Alaska Right To Life....I painted it straight on the wall of the new office they were opening up....15 hours of work...I finished at 2:30 in the morning....Poor Christopher and Haylee suffered the long hours with me....But I wasn't about to leave until it was finished! 

 Then these people came at 10:30 in the evening and stayed with me the rest of the time. They were there for me cheering me on to the end. It was very boring for them. If it weren't for them I would have been there half the night. They helped tape around the many letters, washed paint that got splattered on the wall (where it wasn't suppose to be), and Rachel even helped me paint tedious straight lines and do finishing touches for a good three or four hours.
Just their presence and conversation made things go by faster. :-)
I can't explain the sense of accomplishment and happiness that comes over me when I've successfully completed a work of art.

Happy 2014!!

I've come into this new year training for a new job. A 40 hour-week-and lots of-over time-job. It will be for 5 months. In the summer I will be off to Bulgaria on a missions trip and adventure. Then I will be back to running the counter of the Alaska Art gift shop, interacting with tourist and delivering mail again.

God Bless your new year abundantly,

~Elizabeth Joy

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