Sunday, June 1, 2014

Update/Greeting Cards

Hello all!
It's been a good and eventful winter for me. Working and fun activities with friends and family on the weekends, and lots of changes (some of them very difficult water to wade through, but those things only prove strengthen us..and, God is faithful). Spring? Well, it's pretty incredible...mostly because everything is already green...IN MAY...and, we were having 60-70 degree weather, but it has since cooled down to 40-55 degrees with wind. :-(
Secondly, my sister is getting married in June to a wonderful man who complements her very well, including her size (lengthwise not width let it be noted - they're kinda short. :) ). Family and friends whom we haven't seen in years (or have never seen, as in the case of my niece and nephews) are coming up. Also, I'm going to be a bridesmaid for the very first time along with my two other sisters and a very good friend. I can't believe my sister is getting married...where have the years gone? I'm very happy for her. I'm also getting another brother. Yay!:D

Winter went by super fast. I am working (still currently working) as a Pharmacy Tech in Glennallen. I've been living with my two older sisters who work at the same clinic. I'll be  moving back home in June and start working part-time as a Rural Mail Carrier again and every once in a while in the Pharmacy when I am needed.

I am ready to jump back into painting! I've got some commissions I'm excited about and other things to finish from last year. I've been missing it a lot.

The gift shop that I did last summer was canceled so it isn't happening. But I got plenty of other ideas. I want to do some road trips throughout Alaska this summer and sell stuff along the way.

Greeting cards -






I sold a lot of those guys during the winter, mostly here at the clinic (thank you Lord). I just ordered 100 more to sell this summer.

On the side -

I'm going to Bulgaria on a missions trip with one of my older sisters in July.

My twin sister got a couple of horses (one last fall, and the other this spring) and we are boarding a third this summer. We want to ride them from our house in Nelchina to Glennallen and back which is about 80-85 miles round trip. Tis' going to be fun, something we've always wanted to do when we were little. I still can't get over that we have horses.

Also: WE GET TO GO HUNTING WITH THEM!! We've always dreamed to do that with horses. I'm GOING to shoot myself a moose. :D
I came very close last year. It will happen this fall, it will happen.

I got these books *drool*-

Hopefully I'll have more exciting things to share with you this summer. Until then. Have a good summer!
God bless,
-Elizabeth Joy-

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  1. Don't go on too many road trips!!! I need to see you as much as possible!!!!!!!!!!