Monday, January 12, 2015

Bazaars and new projects

All of these updates are way overdue. My life has been quite spontaneous lately, I've had a hard time sitting myself down so as to share what's been happening in my studio. So, please forgive me.

I'm selling these original hardcopy sketches in ink online over at my etsy shop. Check them out!

Painting currently in process. Very pleased how this one is going. Covered the whole canvas in three hours - yes!
I attended two Bazaars in November. Went pretty well. Majority of what sold were the greeting cards. I also sold a few prints.

Sketched and colored Smuggles with my knew markers I got for Christmas (This was while I was in Oregon visiting friends over new years).
Upcoming projects include: Commissioned dog portrait, variety pack of birds of Alaska greeting cards, family portrait, and another Alaska Right To Life logo mural commission.
-Elizabeth Joy

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