Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Hello blogging world!

I apologize to all those of you who had previously visited my blog to only find it in complete shambles.

Now for the post... (finally!)

I have been doing a number of projects since I came back from Poland, including a couple of paintings. This one (above) as you can see is an Alaska scene, with a caribou and black bear. Your probably thinking "Black bear and a caribou?!? Wouldn't the caribou run for it's life?" Well...maybe.

I started out with just the caribou, but then I thought, "It needs something else" and I just LOVE doing bears, so I sketched a black bear. Now if you look at this and use your imagination to bring it to life, this is what I want you to see--

The bull caribou just found a good place full of delicious lichen he can munch on. So when a black bear,  who smells a patch of plump berries, makes his appearance, (both animals are not starving, so the black bear would go for the berries in this case) the bull (quite aware of it's big beautiful, dangerous antlers) does not want to move. Now black bears do not prey on caribou (normally). The caribou knows that. The caribou brings his head low and shakes his antlers, displaying their magnificence. Ears back, fur bristled, and muscles rippling, the bear proves his superiority over the caribou's sham display of strength.
 Now the caribou, which is the most easily frightened of the too, would probably lose his nerves and run off. :) I've had almost all my family members when they saw what I was doing question the black bear. I might change it and leave the bear out of the picture. I just thought to myself, "There are many rare and strange things that we see creatures doing, things that we wouldn't expect. Why couldn't this be one occasion?" Should I leave the bear out?  What do you think?    

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  1. I like it! Creativity is ok in well, everything! Liz, there isn' a bit of artwork you could do that I wouldn't like!